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Every minute of every hour of every day businesses of all sizes rely on The Ralphs Group to constantly  provide the best cleaning and facilities management available, this enables their business to run  effectively and efficiently, so they can focus on their business without the worries that come with  employing a cleaner. We offer office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, washroom services and much more    Here at The Ralphs Group we constantly deliver very high levels of cleaning standards, care and     The Ralphs Group have many years of experience in all types of commercial and industrial cleaning,  with well trained, reliable, trusted and uniformed staff.   We now offer Facilities Management for FREE. The is a chargeable service from most commercial  cleaning companies, but at TRG we include Facilities Management as standard with your cleaning.  Facilities Management in simple terms means managing your building. It may be a blown light bulb, a  broken lock etc. The cleaner/s that clean your property will also manage your building, reporting any  problems to our Head Office, who will then arrange a senior member of staff to fix the problem. Our  office always keeps you informed, so you know exactly what’s going on and how much you are saving.  We are not an agency, we recruit our staff through the right channels, and then train them in-house to  our very high standards at our Head Office in Manchester.    We clean many commercial premises 24 hours a day, we are also key holders, not only to get access to  the buildings we clean, but we can be a dedicated key holder for emergency call outs for free, this is  part of our unbeatable cleaning and Facilities Management service. Please mention to us if you require  this service.   
Here at The Ralphs Group we provide a friendly, trusted, experienced and dedicated cleaning service using the highest quality environmentally friendly cleaning products. TRG recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business to reflect this. That is why we use biodegradable environmentally friendly cleaning products.    
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The Ralphs Group offers a unique high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service for your  business or home. We offer a professional service at very competitive prices.    We strive to provide a professional service that is well beyond what our competitors offer. Available for private houses, offices, commercial and industrial premises. Call us for a quote   Terms and conditions apply.
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One-Off House Clean - Great for Private Houses A simple yet effective service with amazing results, our staff simply start cleaning from the top of the house working themselves down, professionally cleaning as they go. Alternatively, if you only need just a few rooms cleaning through, like quite a few of our customers, that’s ok.   New Build / Builders Clean - Great for The Construction Industry We have tailored a new build clean, or some people call it a builders clean, especially for the building  and construction industry, suited around safety, reliability and being there for those extra hours when  you need us.    We can clean your porta cabins, toilets, staff room, kitchen area etc., on a daily basis and then we can  clean the building when you have built it.    Weekly One-Off Cleans - Great for Councils, Housing Associations Letting Agents, Estate Agents & Landlords This service is the same as the One-Off House Cleans, but on a bigger scale, where turnaround time is  crucial, especially when you have tenants signed up and ready to move in and the previous tenant has  left a little or an absolute mess, this service is used by councils, housing associations and private  landlords with ten or more properties. 
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We don’t just wipe your desks and hoover your floors we use the correct cleaning materials for the job  required, therefore leaving the best finish with a compliment of our Signature Smell. Bespoke office  cleaning, creating a cleaner and more workable space for your office staff..   
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Cleaners are thought of as being at the bottom of the list when it comes to Management, however these cleaners are key to the smooth running of the business, making a more hygienic place for your customers to totally enjoy themselves and spend more money, we can even provide you with glass collectors/cleaners for your venue too.  
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We have worked with estate agents for decades, providing round the clock cleaning services however  over the years we can now paint a room, shampoo a carpet and even clean an oven, so that we can  turn around your properties quicker so tenants can move in quickly.    
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